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Anorectal Disorder Treatment – Piles Clinic Lahore – Laser Surgery

An anorectal disorder is a very common problem that affects many individuals of all ages. Treatment is required from internists and family gastroenterologists, gynecologists, colorectal surgeons, general surgeons, and practitioners. The anorectal department in Zaib Hospital and Medical Center Lahore is providing treatment for the disease. We have a team of the best Chinese specialists treating diseases with Chinese traditional medication.

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It is critical to understand the basic principles of treatment and diagnosis of these problems to better serve our patients and identify when they deserve specialty care. Anorectal disorders result in many visits to healthcare clinics. These disorders include benign disorders such as hemorrhoids to more severe conditions such as malignancy.

Thus, the clinician needs to be familiar with these disorders as well as the know-how to conduct a suitable history and physical checkup.

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This general review provides guidelines for comprehensive evaluation and management. Anorectal disorders are a common reason for visits to both gastroenterologists and primary care physicians. These disorders are diverse and include benign conditions such as hemorrhoids and more severe malignancy and tumors. These conditions need proper treatment from the specialist and any gastroenterologists.

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In this review, we will consider the most common anorectal disorders as well as some important problems seen less frequently and the treatment of an anorectal disorder. We can treat hemorrhoids with medicine, don’t need surgery. The appropriate treatment of anorectal fistulas and abscesses can be challenging even for the expert, so it’s better to consult the specialist as soon as possible. Anal fissures typically respond to simple measures such as Botox injection has changed our surgical algorithm. Anal warts and anal intradermal neoplasia treatment remain quite controversial.

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Surgery for rectal prolapse is best achieved by the colon and rectal surgeon because some important decisions must be made before and during surgery. Pilonidal disease, now considered to be not congenital and acquired, has many different surgical options. Anal cancer is infrequent but very responsive to chemoradiation. Early diagnosis of anal cancer is critical. The exact etiology of pruritus ani can be challenging to analyze.


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