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Hemorrhoids are a very common gastroenterology disease. Because of the long-standing, tired life and lack of exercise, the hemorrhoids are high.

The incidence of piles is often accompanied by blood in the stool, prolapse, itching, and pain, which is easily found in patients with hemorrhoids bleeding symptoms, blood spurting phenomenon, patients sometimes appear.

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Hemorrhoids in clinical practice are divided into internal, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoid hemorrhoids, different types of causes of the bleeding are not the same. The three kinds of hemorrhoids were explained by the anorectal doctor in Zaib hospital in Lahore.

Piles Bleeding Types:

  • Type 1 Bleeding: due to the friction between the internal piles and anal hemorrhoids mucosa tissue, rupture, and formation. The main manifestation is stool bleeding, sometimes drops and drops, sometimes the blood volume such as the spring spray, no pain, or other discomforts. With the development of disease, bleeding, the stool will hemorrhoids prolapse outside the anus, light recovery, happen incarcerated. In addition, there will be symptoms associated with anus pruritus and eczema.
  • Type 2 Bleeding: due to bleeding symptoms in patients to skin, generally less blood loss, bleeding is not easy. In addition, the main symptoms are pain and swelling.
  • Last Stage or Type 3: mixed hemorrhoid bleeding causes both internal and external hemorrhoids bleeding. Generally mixed hemorrhoids hematochezia appears red blood, but not attached to the surface and fecal feces mixed; can also be manifested before and after blood stool, severe was jet-like. In addition, it is accompanied by pain and swelling. Mixed hemorrhoid bleeding symptoms, comprehensive internal and external, the situation is more serious.

Why Are Piles Harmful?

Long-term bleeding cannot be ignored. Long-term hemorrhoids have been bleeding to the patient’s physique also have an impact, will cause the body to lose a lot of iron, calcium from the body, iron causes deficiency anemia.

Early may have no symptoms or mild symptoms of anemia, heavy or rapid progress, it will appear pale, fatigue, loss of appetite, palpitations, tachycardia and shortness of breath after physical activity, edema, dizziness phenomenon, the constitution of patients with serious decline. The doctor pointed out that the correct attitude of patients is to go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment as early as possible to effectively prevent the aggravation of the disease and relieve the difficulty of treatment.

Treatment at Zaib Hospital

At present, the application of micro-wound operation for hemorrhoids has made up for the disadvantages of traditional surgical excision, such as a small wound, regular defecation at 24 hours after the operation, and little pain. Bawaseer РPiles wound microsurgery treatment is the treatment of rapid, precise operation, to avoid injury, bleeding, plus local anesthesia and other advanced analgesic surgery, can be intraoperative and postoperative patients without conscious pain, and promote postoperative recovery.

Symptoms of Piles – Bawaseer:

Bleeding of piles is mostly due to the lack of bowel movement, force defecation to increase the abdominal pressure, causing venous pressure to increase rupture and bleeding. So, once they have similar symptoms of bawaseer, should be timely to the professional anorectal Hospital for diagnosis, early detection, and early treatment, do not fear, delay the disease, increase the time and cost of treatment, affecting their work and life.

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