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Anal Fistula Treatment at Zaib Medical Center

An anal fistula is a little segment that is created between the finish of the rear-end and skin. Fistula causes a lot of agony during solid discharge and furthermore causes seeping during defecation. It very well may be brought about by different little organs present in the butt.

Fistula patients can’t be restored all alone typically medical procedure is needed so as to fix a butt-centric fistula.

Anal Fistula Surgery | Zaib Medical Center

Zaib Medical Center in Lahore furnishes fistula treatment with the assistance of Chinese customary prescriptions and negligibly intrusive medical procedure strategy. Our medical procedure technique is a lot of not quite the same as the customary medical procedure strategy. In this strategy, patients feel a lot less torment. In the customary medical procedure technique, it takes more effort to recoup and causes a ton of agony.

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