Anal Fistula Treatment In Lahore | Specialist at Zaib Hospital

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Anal Fistula Treatment In Lahore | Specialist at Zaib Hospital

The anal fistula is a little channel that can create between the finish of the entrail and the skin close to the anal. Anorectal department in Zaib Hospital is providing treatment of the disease. We have a team of best Chinese specialists treating disease with Chinese traditional medication.

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It can cause loss of blood when passing stools – and can be difficult. It can also happen after surgery to deplete an anal abscess. In some cases, it causes persistent leakage. In different cases, where the outside of the channel opening shuts, the outcome might be intermittent anal abscesses. The main cure for the disease is surgery.

Signs of Anal Fistula

  • Agony, which is typically steady, throbbing and more awful when taking a seat.
  • Skin disturbance around the anal, including swelling, redness, and delicacy.
  • The release of discharge or blood.
  • Obstruction or torment related to stool discharges.
  • Fever

Identification of Anal Fistula at Zaib(ZB) Hospital:

For the most part, a clinical assessment – including a computerized rectal examination – is adequate to analyze an anal fistula, yet a few patients may require extra tests to screen for:

We have the best team available for such surgical issues. The team on which you can relay, professional attitude. The best hospital in Lahore Johar town. Chinese consultant, which provides such a medical environment and facilities that are best for your loved ones you care a lot. The specialist may likewise arrange an ultrasound, a CT scan or an MRI to be finished. If you feel any symptoms or you would like to visit our Doctors.

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