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Rectal Prolapse Treatment in Lahore | Piles Laser | Zaib Medical Center

The anorectal department at Zaib Hospital is providing treatment for the disease. We have the best gastroenterologist for the treatment of rectal prolapse with Chinese traditional medication.

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This information may also be useful to friends, families, and caregivers of patients dealing with the disease. Treatment of this condition may often require surgery. It will address why surgery may have been recommended, what the various treatment options are, what it involves and how it may help patients.

Rectal Prolapse Symptoms – Zaib Medical Center

It is a condition in which the rectum loses its typical connections inside of the body, enabling it to telescope out through the anal, along these lines turning it “back to front”. While this might be awkward, it infrequently brings about an eminent restorative issue. Be that as it may, it can be very humiliating and regularly has a huge negative effect on the patient’s personal satisfaction. By and large, rectal prolapse influences moderately few individuals (2.5 cases/100,000 individuals).

This condition influences the most part grown-ups and ladies more than 50 years old are six times as likely as men to create rectal prolapse. Most ladies with rectal prolapse are in their 60’s, while a couple of men who create prolapse are considerably younger, averaging 40 years old or less. There is a higher rate of extreme introvertedness, formative postponement, and mental issues requiring numerous drugs in young patients. In most cases the conclusive treatment requires surgery.

Risk Factor in Surgery – Anorectal Specialist – Zaib Hospital Lahore

Some elements refer to as rectal prolapse advancement. But there is no obvious “cause” of rectal prolapse. Ceaseless blockage (rare stools or serious stressing) is available in 30-67% of patients. While an extra 15% ordeal looseness of the bowels. Some have accepted that the advancement of the disease is an outcome of various vaginal conveyances. Nonetheless, up to 35% of patients with rectal prolapse have never had youngsters.

The appearance of Prolapse and Treatment

The disease tends to introduce bit by bit. At first, the prolapse catches a solid discharge and after that profits to its typical position. Patients may later portray a mass or “something dropping out” that they may need to push back in following a solid discharge. Until the prolapsed rectum backpedals in, patients may feel like they are “perched on a ball“. The disease might be mistaken for noteworthy hemorrhoid sickness. And can even be befuddling now and again to doctors not as often as possible assessing and treating this issue.


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