Anal Stenosis Treatment in Lahore at Zaib Medical Center | Laser Surgery

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Anal Stenosis Treatment in Lahore at Zaib Medical Center | Laser Surgery

The most common kind of outflow obstruction and is typically mistaken for constipation. Anal stenosis treatment in Lahore at Zaib hospital helping to cure disease with herbal medicine.

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We can treat it under local anesthetic. The symptoms are difficult pushing a firm stool through a narrowed anal canal. It comes on gradually, the patient is not aware and attributes it to “constipation”. The scar tissue narrows the anal canal, which is just under the skin of the anal margin. It is like a bone, will not allow or give or the anal canal to stretch to accommodate a large diameter stool.

Anal Stenosis Diagnosis – Anal Fissure and Fistula Specialist

Anal stenosis usually causes, signs such as pain with bleeding, bowel movements, constipation, difficulty evacuating stool, and a feeling of anal discomfort. Diagnosis of anal stenosis requires evaluation with a rectal exam by an experienced provider. She or he can determine whether anal stenosis is present and what the underlying cause is. Anal stenosis just like anal fissure, anal fistula causes severe discomfort, this needs to examine under anesthesia.

Treatment at Zaib Hospital in Lahore – Chinese Hospital

The anal stenosis treatment at Zaib Hospital and Medical Center is very simple. During operation under local anesthesia, the ring of scar tissue is incised on both sides via the anal skin. It directly allows the canal to expand to its normal stretchable diameter. Anal stenosis treatment depends on the cause. Occasionally, dilation of the stenosis or stricture may improve the condition. Self-dilation techniques are helpful in the office, operation theatre, or at home. Alternatively, some plastic surgery with advancement flaps or rotational flaps may need to expand the surface area of the anus and avoid ongoing problems.


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