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Anal Fissure Abscess Best Treatment – Zaib Medical Center in Lahore

When a cavity in the anus fills up with pus it can be the rectal abscess. A contaminated anal fissure or obstructed anal gland can cause an anal abscess. Anal fissure abscess causes severe ache, tiredness, discharge, and high fever. You can have a painful anal fistula if the abscess will not heal and appear on the skin’s upper surface.

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Nowadays because of unhygienic diet and poor routine mostly people are facing this disorder, therefore, we are providing you the most effective and efficient treatment at Zaib hospital and Medical Center we have the best gastroenterologist Liu Zeli will take the best medical care of your anorectal problems with Chinese Traditional Medicines and minimally invasive surgery methods with no pain.

What is an Anal Fissure – Treatment at Chinese Hospital Lahore

A small tear in the fragile mucosa (moist tissue lines the anus) occurs when you irregular concentrated hard stools. With anal fissure, you face great pain and bleeding during bowel flow.

What is an Anal Abscess?

A contaminated anal fissure or obstructed anal gland can cause an anal abscess. It can be perirectal (pus in the deep tissues encircling anus) or perianal abscess (pus in the tissues which are not so deep encircling anus), both are termed as anal abscesses generally.

Fissure abscess Causes – Diagnosis by best Gastroenterologist in Lahore

  • Intestinal ailments such as ulcerative and Crohn diseases are inflammatory bowel disorders that lead the body to destroy healthy tissues.
  • Because of anal sex risk of anal abscesses increases in both men and women
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Diabetes
  • Weak or compromised immune system because of AIDS or HIV diseases that have low white blood cell numbers.
  • Persons experiencing chemotherapy have a low immunity system.
  • During Pregnancy time.

Fissure abscess Symptoms:

Sensitivity and continuous ache in the anal area are the most common symptoms of the anal abscess should be notified without delay. The pain is due to swelling in the anal and immense pain during bowel movements.

Other common signs of an anal abscess include:

Anal Fissure and Fistula Abscess Treatment at Zaib Medical Center:

Depending on the intensity of the condition treatments vary from person to person. According to our Chinese specialist if you are facing this disorder you should use the WASH (Warm water bath after the bowel movement, Analgesics, Stool softener, High-fiber diet) natural procedure for the treatment of anal fissure abscess it will help you for lowering the intensity of the discomfort.

The following are some effective treatments that we provide you in our hospital.

  • By draining the pus from the infected area with minor surgery.
  • With effective Course of antibiotics.
  • Traditional Herbal Chinese medicines.


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